Dare To Dream

While virtually everyone in corporate jobs, and even an increasing number of college students, at least vaguely, dream of becoming entrepreneurs, not many give shape to their thoughts. The desire gets overwritten by the comfort of a salary routine. Only a fraction of such people rises above the resistance, and start planning for their own ventures seriously.
For others, it is a mystery how these entrepreneurs dare to risk it all. The world belongs to those who dare.
This blog will decode the various facets of entrepreneurship.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Decoding Luxe : the story of a reader (entrepreneur)

This story is about a day when some random pieces of events came together and unravelled a serendipitous but dazzling reward.
That day was no different, we (my wife and kids) were excited to hop on the next flight to Goa to celebrate my kids’ birthday.
We boarded the flight and soon I got into my groove of self reflection while leafing through an in-flight magazine kept there. Suddenly, I saw a feature ad of a book with signature black and golden colour combination, suited enough to convey that it had a luxury element or at least it had the element to draw requisite expensive attention.
Now, pieces of puzzle started to fall in place. I, while being a connoisseur of luxury, happen to be the owner of an e-commerce platform that I acquired recently that operates in super premium and luxury retail. Anything that had the potential of tantalising my grey cells to know more about Indian luxury space, where I have betted my capital and passion was due to be tended very meticulously.
Sitting up straight, I delved in the advertisement and quickly realised the scintillating piece of research by Mahul Brahma “Decoding Luxe” was waiting to have my eyes and hands on it.
An entrepreneur spirit can be overwhelming sometime when it gets on the nerves to have things then and there, its sans time and place, its pure passion, but this time, it was mid-air!
Thankfully the spirit settled in logical space and searched for the places to acquire the book once I land than lunging to the spare parachutes that are kept in commercial flights (You didn’t know that! Did you?)
We alighted at Goa airport, I was busy shuffling through the bookstores' phone numbers than my luggage, immediately contacted 4 of them to face the dejection of not having the book on stands. Next call went to my office guys back in Gurgaon, rushed them to the store there, got a book picked and asked them to courier it to me with a priority delivery in next 24 hours.
I planned my stay at Taj Exotica, a beautiful property, outliving its name, and fairly rooted deep to have that extra effort to be made to savour the fruits of luxury and exclusive experience. Luxury and experience is a give and take relationship, its never one sided, it can’t be, this time, the location of Taj took away my chance of having that book delivered from Gurgaon in the timeframe I was looking to.
I use an amazon.com account, now leaving no stone unturned, I installed one more app in my wife’s phone for accessing amazon.in. Imagine the excitement when I saw the listing on Amazon! But, remember, give and take? Finding the book on Kindle, setting up my new laptop that I brought along and then finally acquiring the digital print of the book took four hours of entrepreneurial spirit and time.
Mahul has done an impeccable job in putting lucid perspectives about what, how and why of luxury in India through this piece of art.
Decoding Luxe connected those dots and solved the puzzles that pave way to my vision and readies me to embark on my entrepreneurial journey ahead with luxury in India!